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Welcome to Seven Sisters Tarot

I'm Aunt Bobby ~ The Traveling Medium

Aunt Bobby - a medium that meets you where you are!


Welcome Through The Doorway

Seven Sisters Tarot, the name came through in a flash! A name so resonant I instantly felt it was connected to my mission, a mission that I had spent my whole life seeking, praying for, asking to fully understand so I could honor it! And now, here I am, still on my journey, but enlightened in my role and the nuances of my mission!

My name is Bobby, you may know me as Aunt Bobby! For as long as I can remember, I've had a deep and innate knowing that a powerful connection to the spiritual realm was not only possible, but destined for us!

Throughout my life, I sought divine guidance and connection, praying for this whisper inside my heart to burst open revealing All it knew to be true! I journeyed through my experience knowing a voice within me was building its bridge to connect worlds and vibration in a way I wasn’t seeing anywhere around me but knew was my destiny!

I had a plethora of gifts and insights that didn’t fit in to what I was told physical reality was all about! I knew I was here to be a channel of profound experience and so I sought out others who were doing variants of what my Heart whispered held resonance! In deep determination I sought out mediums, clairvoyants, tarot readers… studying and immersing myself in the energy they accessed. I was giving my body access to these energy channels so I could reopen my own channels beyond the limitations society had programmed into me!


I had an innate knowing in my heart since childhood that our loved ones were never truly gone. Their spirits lived on, rich and accessible to those willing to open themselves to the connection. I let that truth within me have certain safety, calling out silently and every moment, to those loved ones that my vessel would be a channel for their messages.

In 2002, something extraordinary happened. I began to see and feel the presence of my Grandmother, who had passed on. It wasn't a fleeting glimpse or a vague feeling. No, it was so much more. Her energy was vibrant and evolved, far beyond what I remembered of Her physically. It was like a floodgate had opened, allowing me to witness spirits in physical expression - their skin tone, eye color, body language. I could even hear them speak and feel their presence beside me. I resolutely honored their guidance and began to let the spirits communicate through me and train me.

In tandem with my clairvoyance developing, I realized I had opened my vessel to interpret energy in a diverse number of ways. My clairaudience allowed me to hear messages clearly, while clairsentience enabled me to feel the emotions and energies of those in the spirit realm. With my claircognizance, I gained a deep knowing and understanding. In order to access these gifts I maintained spiritual discipline with my vessel, learning how to honor myself and the requirements of staying grounded, clear, centered and in perception with the moment to moment requirements in the physical.

It soon became apparent that I was not just a witness to the ethereal world, but a doorway between realms. A pillar of light energy swirls within me as I hold the doors between the physical and ethereal realms open through my heart.

In 2015, I entered into a contract with "The Ancestors." As their medium, I communicate the rich ancestral contracts that my clients in the physical world are tasked to bring to an end. A powerful message resonated within my consciousness: "We are the ones we have been waiting for." It became clear that we are here for a fully transformative purpose - to break the cycles that had perpetuated for ages and to evolve our souls collectively. Never before have we stood so close to the brink of enlightenment.

I remain devoted to holding open the door between worlds. My purpose is to bring you the clear and concise messages from those who are with you every moment, but perhaps you cannot see, hear or feel - YET! To communicate your purpose and release to you on a soul-deep, cellular level healing, forgiveness and destiny. Together, we can embark on this journey of self-discovery and embrace the direction that awaits us.

Let us begin!

If you're seeking guidance, connection, and healing, whether you're near or far, I offer sessions to connect you with your ancestors, angels, loved ones, and guides from Home. We can connect through video chat or, if you're in the Coastal Alabama area, in the comfort of your own home. Let's unlock the wisdom and love that is waiting for you!

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Client Reviews

I had an amazing ancestral reading with Bobby.  It was full of powerful energetic exchanges, amazing intuitive tarot reading from several decks and connections with an array of ancestors. It was incredibly insightful and enjoyable. I am very grateful for the connections and energetic gifts. Love you Bobby. You are a superstar!

Vicki Aldrige

Bobby has read ancestor cards for me on several occasions over the last few years, each session has been accurate, original and helpful. Bobby has been both open and focused when bringing forth information and lessons for the present moment of now. A truly gifted woman who can hold a juxtaposition. Bobby: a blessed messenger who is generous of spirit and gentle when sharing ancestral knowledge. Consider a reading with Bobby and investment, a step forward in your journey of evolution for you and all your relations.


"Tarot reading with Bobby was vibrant and unforgettable. She has a solid connection with angels and spirit guides and delivers the messages with sensitivity and gentle empathy. The time passed in a continuous whirlwind of valuable and, at times, even entertaining personal information that allowed me to better navigate my spiritual evolutionary journey. 100% Top Experience!"

Christine M.

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"We are the ones we have been waiting for."

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