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Client Testimonials

I had an amazing ancestral reading with Bobby.  It was full of powerful energetic exchanges, amazing intuitive tarot reading from several decks and connections with an array of ancestors. It was incredibly insightful and enjoyable. I am very grateful for the connections and energetic gifts. Love you Bobby. You are a superstar!

Vicki A.

Bobby has read ancestor cards for me on several occasions over the last few years, each session has been accurate, original and helpful. Bobby has been both open and focused when bringing forth information and lessons for the present moment of now. A truly gifted woman who can hold a juxtaposition. Bobby: a blessed messenger who is generous of spirit and gentle when sharing ancestral knowledge. Consider a reading with Bobby and investment, a step forward in your journey of evolution for you and all your relations.


"Tarot reading with Bobby was vibrant and unforgettable. She has a solid connection with angels and spirit guides and delivers the messages with sensitivity and gentle empathy. The time passed in a continuous whirlwind of valuable and, at times, even entertaining personal information that allowed me to better navigate my spiritual evolutionary journey. 100% Top Experience!"

Christine M.

I can testify that Aunt Bobby is worth every penny and more! Her insight into my life was life changing when I had my reading! My reading was very personal to me and therefore I don't want to share the details. Instead of having a "seeing is believing" perspective, mediate and pray on whether you should have a reading. Peace and love! 

Katrina J.

Wow!!! Bobby was so accurate immediately upon starting our session!! She described my father to the tee, and the session just got better and better the more we proceeded...Bobby has awesome, incredible gifts, and not only did she provide confirmations about where I am now, she also made me aware of ways to heal and move forward. I also received a profound shift in my energetic field during the session...she was definitely the cosmic "jumper cable" I needed to shift out of my "stuckness" I Am very grateful for Bobby and appreciative of her gifts ❤️💗♥️ I'll be back!!!

Laura D.

I had an amazing ancestral reading with Bobby! She immediately began describing my grandmother, who is the person I was expecting to be there. I got the confirmation that I needed to trust my own instincts when it comes to the messages I have been receiving. It was such a positive experience. Bobby is a beautiful soul and I am so grateful to have connected with her!


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